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avatars-000228917846-x820rg-t500x500Hello there, I’m Sleep 13 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I’d like to introduce you to a new music I have that doesn’t follow the regular rules of the music coming out these days. In fact when I go online to various music sites to join up they always ask the question “Who Do You Sound Like”? I must admit I have a hell of a time with that question. I’ve been influenced from everyone from Cole Porter to Brian Wilson to Trent Reznor of Nine inch nails. As much as these mentioned as well as other artists have influenced me I will tell you for sure and you’ll see:


Music is art, music is spirit so if all the music the industry is putting out sounds like everything else and doesn’t have enough substance to ever become a classic then what does that mean? Does it mean the never ending spirit of music had died? Does it mean that we as a culture are being dumbed down? Are people ready to hear something different?

When you hear the full versions of songs on a quality stereo system you’ll hear that bass kicking and pumping. I’m all about the bass but I don’t mean that song. You wont get any stupid music here. Every song is exciting and unique. And no “She called me on my cell phone” Boy, that’s some real genius now isn’t it? Welcome to my website where you will be able to purchase the full songs for a very modest price as well as 2 new full album CD’s.

Look I can’t guarantee you’ll like what I do. I”m not claiming to be the ultimate answer but one thing’s for sure.At least I’m doing my own thing and not copying previous artists. So come see for yourself. Again, remember Sleep 13 – New Music That’s Different and thanks for listening…

  • “This dude is amazing folks. At this age he’s still a cool badass, imho. Right folks?”

  • “Cool sounds happening here..great tracks. Wishing you only the very best from Vancouver Canada…”

    The Neal Maingot Project • ReverbNation
  • “You didn’t manage to put me to sleep, yet – so I guess you failed 😉 seriously, likin’ it a lot so far!”

  • “Stopped by to listen to your music. Creative well produced stuff. Awesome! ~ “

    Urban Monroes • ReverbnNation
  • “Great original music. Unusual melodies and distinctive voice.”

    The Pieces of Mind • ReverbNation