Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are Some Questions You May Have for Me?

Who do you sound like?
I guess you would have to decide per song. although I’ve been influenced by many artists from Cole Porter to Trent Reznor I think I sound like myself. If it helps any I’ve been told that although my songs all sound different they all carry my songwriting signature.
If I don’t think for myself how will like your music?
Ask your friends, if it’s not cool to listen to Sleep 13 then don’t do it. Put the radio on and listen to the same old processed junk they’ve been feeding you. This music is for people who think.
Aren’t you like 50 years old? How come you never made it?
Although I started writing and playing back in 2000 and had some local success for a short time I never followed through. I got sidetracked with relationships and drugs and stupid shit. However after many lessons and personal growth I’ve decided to go for it one last time. I know I have something that needs to be shared with the world.
Do you play out live?
I play out live now once in a while but it’s just me and a piano keyboard. I sing and play the piano. Eventually I will incorporate my sequences and a live guitarist into my act and will concentrate more on live shows once I get my online presence known.